in 14 Steps

Build Your Own Caravan

Build Your Own Caravan in 14 Steps

A comprehensive video-supported guide to make your own caravan in 14 steps.

As a result of long researches, a family of 3 people who made their own caravans in 14 months without using any harmful materials and lived with pleasure in 3 years and 4 seasons, Thanks to this application, which explains how to make the caravans that they test by living in them from -42 degrees to +35 degrees, and what materials they use in the form of a detailed and sequential guide, you can make your own caravan and enjoy the caravan without any problems.

The steps in this guide are;

  • Caravan types and caravan selection.

  • Preparing for conversion.

  • Preparation of the layout plan.

  • Window selection and installation.

  • Insulation.

  • Wood veneer and furniture.

  • Electricity installation.

  • Water and bathroom installation.

  • Dry compost toilet.

  • Water and space heating system.

  • Dashboard air conditioner installation.

  • License transactions.

  • Cost.

  • Experiences.